Created in 1987, ARTTIC is an independent European provider of consultancy and management services  to international Research and Innovation related partnerships. The ARTTIC group comprises several companies with offices in France, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Israel. ARTTIC is an SME with a total workforce of about 75 persons, all with extensive experience and knowledge in various R&D fields such as security, IT, telecommunications, transport, education, health, biotechnologies, automotive industry, aeronautics, industrial technologies, new materials and microelectronics.
In the framework of FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020, ARTTIC has managed or is currently involved in the management of more than 50 successful projects in the field of aeronautics. The most relevant projects are NEWAC, ENOVAL, LEMCOTEC, DREAM and OPENAIR as well as CLEAN SKY.
Through its involvement in more than 100 RTD projects and networks from previous EU-funding research programmes, ARTTIC has developed substantial methods and tools in managing collaborative R&D projects. ARTTIC staff provides specific and practical help with all aspects of international RTD projects. Services include helping clients specifying their R&D strategy; establishing project feasibility; finding international participants; establishing consortia; managing the proposal development activities; helping negotiate contracts; taking charge of all management aspects of live projects; helping to disseminate and exploit successful project results and preparing development and business plans.

Role in the project

In the ULTIMATE project, ARTTIC is in charge of running the Project Office and provide methods and tools, as well as operational support, ensuring and strengthening an effective collaboration within the consortium.
ARTTIC supports the consortium in the daily administrative and contractual tasks making sure that the collaboration between partners is efficiently carried out, the project is properly monitored and decisions and actions are prepared and taken according to the project progress and contractual obligations. Whenever necessary, ARTTIC will be assisted by additional specialists, for instance in dealing with complex partnership; carrying quality assurance or setting up tools requiring IT support. An important aspect of the role of ARTTIC is also to simplify as much as possible the contractual work requested from the researchers and to develop a collaborative spirit inside the consortium.
ARTTIC  also supports the project communication, dissemination and exploitation by preparing the project communications means including logo, website, etc. and organizing a public workshop together with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki presenting ULTIMATE results and supporting the future exploitation of the developed technologies.

Personnel involved

Martin Dietz
Senior Consultant at ARTTIC. Martin joined the ARTTIC team in 2006 to manage NEWAC, a large collaborative European project in the field of Aeronautics. In addition, Martin was and is (amongst others) involved in the Management of LEMCOTEC, ENOVAL and MAAXIMUS, three Level 2 FP7 projects, as well as SUN-TO-LIQUID, an H2020 project in the field of Aeronautics. He sets up new projects, manages the ARTTIC Munich branch and coordinates the company's activities in Germany. Before, Martin worked for the GSF (now Helmholtz Zentrum München), a large national research centre and member of the Helmholtz Association, which is the largest research organisation in Germany. After working as Scientific Assistant to the Management Board he was leading the Patents and Technology Transfer.

Sandra Annetzberger
Experienced ARTTIC project manager. Sandra has substantial expertise in proposal development, contract negotioations, project management and finance controlling. By training, Sandra is a molecular biotechnologist. After receiving her PhD in Molecular Medicine at the TU München, she worked as PostDoc on a joined research project of the Chair for Biophysics/Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and the Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry. Since 2012, she supports and manages FP7 and H2020 research proposals and collaborative research projects in Health, ICT and Aeronautics.