Chalmers Tekniska Hoegskola AB

Chalmers University of Technology was founded in 1829 and was transformed into an independent foundation in 1994. The research group Turbomachinery and Aero-acoustics is part of the Fluid Dynamics division at the Department for Applied Mechanics. The research group has established strong and long-standing collaborations with industry, universities and research institutes and gained extensive experience in contributing to research efforts in European programmes. The primary research focus of the turbomachinery group is jet engine system analysis and engine concept evaluation, as well as detailed flow and acoustics analysis for specific sub-problems such as compressors, turbines, transition ducts, intercoolers, combustors/afterburners and nozzles. Chalmers has an extensive research experience in the analysis and optimization of low TRL radical aero engine concepts and conceptual design analysis.

Role in the project

Chalmers takes the overall lead of the academic and industrial consortium in the search for ultra-efficient aircraft achieving the SRIA 2050 targets. In addition, Chalmers will lead WP1 “Development of ULTIMATE Technologies” which will configure a number of radical engine concepts targeting the major loss sources of state-of-the-art aero engines. Evaluate the noise reduction potential and advance TRL for a radical open rotor propeller concept. Furthermore, the ULTIMATE team at Chalmers will explore synergies and possible innovations for a number of advanced core concepts (pulse detonating core, intercooling as integrated in piston topped cycles, rankine bottoming cycles and with a reverse core flow enabler) in order to advance a number of radical technologies to higher TRL levels and provide a knowledge push for engineering education.

Personnel involved

Tomas Grönstedt
Professor at Chalmers since year 2012 and author/co-author of more than 50 journal and conference articles in the field of aero engine system analysis and concept evaluation. Professor Grönstedt has lead and continues to lead Chalmers’ efforts in the EU projects VITAL, NEWAC, DREAM, LEMCOTEC, E-BREAK and ENOVAL. He also co-authors the Swedish Aviation Research Agenda (2010) and the Swedish Flight research and innovation agenda (2013).

Carlos Xisto
Postdoc researcher at the Division of Fluid Dynamics. Carlos' research is focused on the development of advanced concepts targeting a step-change improvement on the efficiency of modern gas turbine aero-engines. His  role on ULTIMATE is to develop a hybrid pulse detonation engine, and to explore the benefits of pressure rise combustion on the Joule-Brayton cycle.