GKN Aerospace Sweden AB

GKN Aerospace Sweden AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of GKN, a multinational component supplier for the automotive and aerospace industries. In cooperation with the world's leading aero engine companies, GKN Aerospace Sweden develops and produces components for aircraft and rocket engines. The Swedish company has been overall responsible for adaption and integration of propulsion of all Swedish jet fighters since WWII, and currently holds the type certificate for the RM12 engine for the Gripen aircraft.
For commercial and space applications, GKN Aerospace Sweden is specialized in design and manufacturing of components with high structural, thermal and aerodynamic requirements. To support the company’s long-term goals and to give input to business and research planning decisions, GKN Aerospace Sweden has a significant analysis activity on competitor and future aircraft engines, in cooperation with leading universities.
GKN Aerospace Sweden has made significant contributions to several EU projects – both in the 6th and 7th Framework Programme including NEWAC, DREAM, CLEANSKY and LEMCOTEC and ENOVAL. GKN is also very actively involved in national research programmes such as iFRAM project supported by the National Swedish Aeronautics Research Programme 6 (NFFP6).

Role in the project

As the initiators of ULTIMATE project, GKN´s personnel has scouted innovations to be further investigated. GKN will provide the ULTIMATE consortium with competence on whole engine and component analysis as well as an understanding of the manufacturing feasibility of the components necessary for the implementation of ULTIMATE concept engines.
GKN leads ULTIMATE WP5 “Communication and Exploitation’”, assessing the impact of the ULTIMATE technologies and their exploitation. GKN will review the design and analyses of concepts, based on relevant in-house experience and standards for mechanical design and aerothermodynamics.

Personnel involved

Anders Lundbladh, PhD
Company Specialist for whole engine analysis and  GKN Engineering Fellow. He has a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics and a PhD on transition to turbulence from KTH, Stockholm. Since 1995, Anders was employed by Volvo Aero Corporation (now GKN Aerospace) for research and management of projects on engine components and systems. Since 1999, he has worked on analysis of system performance and studies of structural component design for current and future air transport engines. Ever since 2004 , Anders Lundbladh has been a GKN representative initiating and executing the FP6 project NEWAC and the FP7 project LEMCOTEC. Anders has lead and is leading the “future engine concepts” work in NEWAC, LEMCOTEC and ENOVAL.

Richard Avellán, PhD
Method specialist on performance modeling. He started his career at Volvo Aero with the young graduate program in 2002 and has been working in various technology projects involving low-signature, thrust vectoring control, aircraft and engine performance analysis, engine structures ever since. His PhD thesis defense at Chalmers University of Technology in autumn 2011 brought his studies of Design of Energy Efficient Aero Engines to a successful conclusion. Richard is now working as a research engineer analyzing future aero engine and aircraft concepts and is currently involved in the European research projects LEMCOTEC, E-BREAK and CLEAN SKY.