Rolls-Royce plc

Rolls-Royce is a global company providing power solutions for customers in civil and defence aerospace, marine and industrial markets, supplying gas turbines and diesel engines. It is the world’s second largest provider of defence aero engine products and services. The aerospace business provides power for more than thirty types of commercial aircraft and supports customers around the world. It has a strong position in wide-body, corporate and regional aircraft. Two-thirds of Rolls-Royce's R&D investment is aimed at improving the environmental performance of its products. Its Future Technologies Group works closely with many universities on advancing low Technology Readiness Level (TRL) technologies to higher TRL.

In the EU 7th Framework Programme alone, Rolls-Royce has been able to successfully contribute to more than 30 different projects. Particularly relevant to ULTIMATE are EEFAE, VITAL, NEWAC, DREAM, LEMCOTEC, E-BREAK and ENOVAL. Rolls-Royce supports research into novel technologies that have longer term business potential and has worked with all of the ULTIMATE partners in previous EU funded research programmes in aviation. The Future Technologies Group at Rolls-Royce has recently supported future propulsor concept studies in LEMCOTEC and ENOVAL and is keen to explore the potential of more advanced cycles in ULTIMATE that could offer step change improvements in engine performance.

Role in the project

The Rolls-Royce team will work with all ULTIMATE partners in the technology screening phase of the project in WP1 “Development of Technologies” to ensure that appropriate technologies are selected for more detailed study. It will work with ULTIMATE partner Cranfield University and others to advance the selected technologies and ensure they can be integrated into credible whole engine designs in WP3 “Advanced Integration and Propulsor Configurations”. Finally, it will help to assess the technologies in WP4 “Development of ULTIMATE Configurations” and draw up the roadmaps for further research and eventual implementation of the advanced engine concepts in WP5 “Communication and Exploitation”.

Personnel involved

Paul Newton
is the Rolls-Royce lead within ULTIMATE. He has a PhD relating to gas turbine heat transfer and aerodynamics and has worked in the Rolls-Royce Strategic Research Centre for eight years. During this time, he has led and participated in a number of projects covering the breadth of Rolls-Royce’s product portfolio.

Bryce Conduit,
currently works as Horizon Scanning Process owner within Rolls-Royce plc. He has a PhD in computational high temperature alloy design from the University of Cambridge. In the ULTIMATE project, his key role is providing consultancy on high temperature materials.