Safran Aircraft Engines

Safran Aircraft Engines is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft and rocket engines, designing, developing, producing and marketing – alone or in partnership – engines for commercial and military aircraft, launch vehicles and satellites. Over the years, Safran Aircraft Engines has developed some of the world’s most innovative technologies in the aero-engine business. The French company is also rising to today’s pressing environmental challenges, by continuously reducing engine noise and emissions. Safran Aircraft Engines is part of the international high-technology group, Safran, a major high-tech corporation with leadership positions in its core markets of aerospace, defense and security.
Safran Aircraft Engines has a strong expertise in guiding academic work, mirrored in long-term partnerships going back to FP6 and  maintained and strengthened  in collaborations with academia in FP7 research projects (VITAL, NEWAC, DREAM, E-BREAK, LEMCOTEC and ENOVAL). As a member of the EIMG, the  company is continuously participating in European collaborative projects and thus enhanced its strong expertise in preliminary design and identification of radical power plant systems.

The implementation of ULTIMATE project is under the responsibility of the Engineering and Technical division at the Villaroche plant in France. This division is in charge of developing future engines as well as key technologies and supports most research projects within Safran Aircraft Engines, is participates in numerous FP7 projects and leads the CLEAN SKY consortium.

Role in the project

The expertise of Safran Aircraft Engines in preliminary design is a valuable asset to the ULTIMATE consortium, adding the ability to suggest relevant preliminary design modelling approaches, combining flexibility and reliability to orientate concepts down-selection.

The Safran Aircraft Engines team for ULTIMATE will also bring its long term experience in engine roadmap to development and entry into service. Safran Aircraft Engines will more specifically participate in the screening of relevant technologies in WP1 “Development of Technologies”, and will guide research activities around advanced propulsor concepts and integration, providing relevant conditions and applications for concept research, and supporting innovative modelling techniques in WP3 “Advanced Integration and Propulsor Configurations”. In this perspective, Safran Aircraft Engines will closely interact with ISAE. Safran Aircraft Engines will also actively contribute to the consolidation of the ULTIMATE achievements into roadmaps for concept maturation from an industrial perspective in WP4 “Development of ULTIMATE configurations” and in WP5 “Communication and Exploitation”.

Personnel involved

Nicolas Tantot,
Graduate from ISAE-SUPAERO who joined Safran Aircraft Engines 16 years ago. Nicolas Tantot is responsible for advanced preliminary design activities for military and civil applications and aircraft performances, with specific focus on open rotor and unconventional configurations. He is currently responsible for the identification and definition of long-term propulsive systems architectures. Nicolas was involved in most FP6 and FP7 cooperative projects gathering the majority of the ULTIMATE actors.