The CCE combines the gas turbine and a piston engine into one engine concept. Instead of one combustion chamber followed by a High Pressure Turbine, the CCE features two banks of V-10 motors that drive the High Pressure Compressor (HPC). For compactness, the HPC has three axial and one radial stage. A high-speed turbine drives the low-pressure system. The extremely high peak pressure (300 bar at take-off) and temperature within the piston cylinders increase the overall engine´s thermal efficiency. An intercooler (not shown in the Figure) between the Intermediate Pressure Compressor (IPC) and the HPC helps to reduce the propulsion system weight by 18.5 % from 7400 kg to 6000 kg and makes the intercooled CCE the best performing option. It has a Thrust Specific Fuel Consumption (TSFC) of 11.5 g/kN/s in mid cruise and reduces design mission fuel burn by 52 % compared to a year 2000 engine. It outperforms a reference Geared Turbofan engine of the year 2050 by 12.5 % in fuel burn.